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Wireless construction projects typically require a broad set of construction trades. In order to expedite delivery, we rely on a qualified team to complete each and every task. Quest Tower's experience and resources enable us to deliver a 100%-completed product, on time, every time. We've erected hundreds of towers and installed thousands of antennas over the years and as the technology has changed, we've evolved with it.

2010 - Hattiesburg, Mississippi - Cellular South
Contracted to install a 6 Ghz microwave system at 8 of the 16 sites around Hattiesburg. As an alternative to typical back-haul via buried phone line, microwave systems can provide 99.999% reliability at substantial savings to the owner.

2009 - Mississippi - Towers of Mississippi
More than 50% of our work involves erecting towers. Quest Tower excels at stacking guyed or self-supported towers, whether its 100 feet or 1000. Our crews can typically stack 100-200 feet or more in a day depending on the size of the tower face, the number of guy wires and torque mounts and the accessibility of the anchors and tower base. We're capable of stacking many types of towers, including turbine towers.

With a good understanding of the processes and materials used on projects like these, Quest Tower can produce an accurate and competitive bid package that will cover all the bases. Please contact us at qtc@questtower.com to request a quote and we'll respond as soon as possible.